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Doverif: Your trusted source for professional PSD templates

    Explore our user-friendly online hub with a variety of simple and efficient templates. Tailored for both professional and personal use, our collection covers a wide range of categories. Doverif is a site that sells a good quality popular passport, driving license and id card fake templates.

    Passport templates

    PSD passport templates are versatile and editable, suitable for diverse purposes. Whether for design projects, education, or personal use, these templates offer customization through Photoshop.

    Driving license templates

    Meet our PSD driving license templates – a simple and customizable solution for your identification needs. These templates are designed for easy editing, offering a user-friendly platform to create realistic and professional-looking driving licenses. Whether for personal or creative use, our PSD format ensures convenience, allowing you to unleash your authenticity effortlessly.

    ID templates

    PSD ID templates offer a flexible and customizable solution for designing various identification cards. With editable features, users can easily personalize details like names and photos. These templates save time and effort, ensuring a professional and visually appealing result for different identification purposes.


    1. Time Efficiency: Our templates save you valuable time by offering pre-designed structures that you can easily customize. No need to start from scratch.
    2. User-Friendly Design: We prioritize ease of use. Our templates are crafted with a user-friendly interface, making customization accessible to everyone, from beginners to seasoned designers.
    3. Versatility Across Categories: Whether you’re working on business presentations, personal projects, or professional documents, our templates span various categories, ensuring there’s something for every need.
    4. Consistent Professionalism: Maintain a polished and professional look across all your materials. Our templates are designed with attention to detail, guaranteeing a cohesive and high-quality aesthetic in your finished products.
    5. Up-to-Date Styles: Stay on-trend with our templates that incorporate the latest design styles. Your creations will always reflect contemporary aesthetics, keeping your work fresh and engaging.
    6. Ready-to-Use Convenience: No complications – our templates are ready to use. This means you can focus on your content and objectives rather than dealing with design intricacies.
    7. Cost-Effective: Save on design costs. Our templates provide professional-grade designs at a fraction of the cost of hiring a designer, making high-quality visuals accessible to all.
    8. The fonts match the original and are included in the package.

    Our support

    Our friendly support team is ready to assist with any questions or issues you may have. Count on us for quick and effective solutions, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience with our services. Contact us via Telegram, email, Facebook, Viber, Skype, or WhatsApp – we’re here to assist you on your preferred platform. Your satisfaction is our priority.